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New self-pay patients receive 15% OFF first visit.

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Dr. Jane Kokinakis Welcomes Dr. Rebecca Epstein to the Beaufort Eye Center team.  Rebecca Epstein, M.D. begins in August 2017, and will be accepting both new and established patients for their ophthalmic, medical and surgical needs.

dr. epstein

This Georgia native will be a wonderful and much-needed addition to our team.  Dr. Epstein is a medical, surgical comprehensive ophthalmologist and is fellowship trained in glaucoma.  We hope you will welcome herself and her family back to the Beaufort area.  Please call the office at

843-522-8466 to schedule an appointment.  

Beaufort Eye Center
Your Beaufort, SC Ophthalmologist

Welcome to Beaufort Eye Center, where we serve the eye health and wellness needs of adults and senior citizens. Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Kokinakis, provides adults and senior citizens only eye care from a medical perspective and a vision oriented perspective. Here at Beaufort Eye Center, we take care of the eye health first and foremost through high-quality care and communications with our patients. Whether you are new to the Beaufort area and seek a service provider, or are an existing patient of ours seeking to learn more about the practice, we invite you to learn more about our services and history of providing excellent eye care. 

The staff at Beaufort Eye Center in Beaufort, SC

Our Services

To better serve our patients, we offer the following eye care services: 

•    Eye Examinations - Eye examinations from our ophthalmologists in Beaufort check not only the health of your vision, but that of your eyes. We will perform a comprehensive eye health workup to screen for eye diseases, ensure visual acuity, and make sure you can see clearly. The doctor will discuss these findings with you and make recommendations at the end of your exam.

•    Cataract Surgery - Cataracts cloud your vision and make your eyes appear hazy. Dr. Kokinakis performs cataract surgery where she removes the clouded lens of your eye and replaces it with an artificial lens. This safe, painless outpatient procedure allows you to see clearly and restores your color perception and contrast as well as your eyes appearance. Learn more about cataract surgery and the different options you have regarding the lens implant that’s right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kokinakis, our Beaufort, SC ophthalmologist. You won't be disappointed!

•    Glaucoma Treatment - We always test for glaucoma and start care early if you are at risk.  We offer a range of treatment options for glaucoma, from eye drops, laser surgery, or traditional surgery. With early and advanced treatment, like that offered by our ophthalmologist, glaucoma is treatable. 

•    Diabetic Eye Examination and Treatment - Diabetes increases your risk for eye health problems, including blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. We regularly screen diabetic and pre-diabetic patients to make sure the eyes are healthy. We make sure our diabetic patients and their primary care physicians are kept up to date regarding their eye health.

•    Macular Degeneration - An age-related degeneration that causes central vision loss, macular degeneration can be treated and managed if caught early.  We can help you combat the effects of aging on the eyes, prolonging your vision to the fullest extent possible. 

•    Dry Eye Syndrome - Dry eyes can cause blurred vision, irritation and can become painful, but they do not need to be. We can help you understand this chronic problem and offer advice and help with prescribing medicated eye drops if needed that help relieve the itching, stinging, and dryness associated with this condition.

•    BOTOX - We can help you minimize the symptoms of aging or correct deformities with BOTOX.  It is advantageous to have this cosmetic procedure performed by an ophthalmologist, who has a detailed understanding of the bone and muscle structure around the eye region.

Please note we do not have an optical shop. We will refer you to an optometrist or optical shop if needed. 

Contact Our Beaufort Ophthalmologist Today

Would you like to make an appointment for any of these services? We look forward to helping you maintain the health of your eyes. To reserve your appointment, we invite you to call us at 843-522-8466 today!

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